My Love

I fall in love at first sight with U.I think,the day when I can meet you,that must be LOVELY DAY.IN MY DREAM,I dream when I AM in love with you,JUST YOU.But when I woke up in the morning,SO I regreted why that just a dream? If that happened in my real life,I swear I’ll feel like the happiest person in this world.

And when I saw your face,I feel like forgot how to breathe.Sometimes hurt,and sometimes also made me happy.I think you are the SUPERMAN who can made me fall in love just because saw your face and YOUR EYES.If I saw you with other girl, I knew that LOVE REALLY HURTS.

Remember your face,your smile,your attitude,also your voice,I confused between HATE U,LOVE U.I want to make a SONG FOR YOU,but I don’t have any talent to do that.The thing you should know, ONLY YOU the boy who I really love.MY LOVE,MY KISS,MY HEART,that’s enough to descript my feeling to you.I hope A DAY I can say to you how much I love you.

I want to MARRY U,I’ll WAITING FOR YOU until whenever,waiting for your words,”BE MY GIRL” like that.But in the fact,I just can do that in my own story,story made by me.Love story,about YOU AND I.If I can reset the time,I won’t fall in love with you.But,without any reason again,I still love you.Altough I know this love will be end with sad ending,,THANK YOU for being my love.

Ini gak jelas dikategorikan sebagai tulisan macam apa,ini aku buat disuasana genting,yaitu galau.Jadi ni postingan kagak jelas asal usulnye-,- Bahasa Inggrisnya belepotan,dan gajelas maksudnya apa.

Mian kalo postinganku selalu aneh binti gaje.. *bow


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